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"Hi John - we'd like to thank you for all you did for us in regards to the timber harvest on our property in Hutchins.  We'd never been able to make out like we did without you.  Thanks again and we do look forward to doing business with you again."

-- J. & P. P.

Forest Stewardship Series

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Timber Sales:

When it comes to selling timber, whether it's 4 acres or 4,000,000 acres, selling it directly without a consulting forester to represent you can have unfortunate results. More often than not, you are left with a lot less money than what you should have received and a forest that will take decades to recover.

If you sell your timber directly without the aid of a consulting forester, can you be sure you will get paid for what will be actually taken? Was the price really fair? Will the harvesting job will be properly cleaned up and retired? Is there a contract protecting your property and interests? These are just some of the important issues relating to selling timber. Our job is to make sure your interests and property are protected while obtaining the highest price possible for your trees. We handle and guide you through the entire timber sale process.

The first step in the process is to mark and record the volume of timber that is to be harvested based on a forest treatment that is best suited to your particular forest or whatever you specifically want. This also provides a basis for the competitive bidding process. With a good forest treatment prescription, your forest's current growth can easily double while leaving an even more healthy, rejuvenated stand of timber for future generations. We also administer a cutting contract that the timber purchaser must strictly follow during the harvesting process. This not only protects you but your forest as well.

Here is an outline of a typical timber sale:

Timber Appraisals/Inventories:

If you are interested in determining how much timber there is in a forested tract and its current value, we can provide you with a written appraisal and/or inventory report. We will "cruise" the property to get the volume and determine the market value by using the most current timber market report.

Real Estate Services:

We offer brokerage services for the sale and/or acquisition of rural acreage.  Our foresters are also licensed sales agents with extensive knowledge of local real estate and timber markets. When evaluating properties for our clients, specific issues such as soil productivity, timber volume, timber value, and location are addressed.

We also have the expertise to advise our clients if their property will bring a higher return if some timber is harvested before the land is sold, or whether subdividing a portion for development is in the client's best interest.

Put our knowledge to work for you on your next sale or purchase.

Forest Management Plans:

A management plan is basically a plan for the future of your forestland. A properly managed forest not only provides the best timber sale returns, but also adds to the aesthetics, recreation, and wildlife sustained on your property. Having a management plan for your forest demonstrates your caring and concern for your valuable renewable resource. It may also qualify you for certain tax and cost sharing incentives for your property. We will sit down with you and determine your personal goals and objectives you would like to see while giving you some recommendations based on your particular forest. Below are some of the things that can go into a forest management plan:

We will create a plan that is just right for you and your forestland to insure that it can start reaching its maximum potential.

Timber Trespass Investigation:

Did an adjacent landowner or logger cross onto your property and take your trees without your permission? In preparing a timber trespass report, we will analyze every stump and determine the species, size, and value of all trees that were removed. We will then present you with a report that would be required in court. You may be able to receive up to three times the estimated value of the trees! Click here to learn more about timber trespass and ways to prevent it from happening to you.

Tree Farm Inspections/Certifications:

We are certified tree farm inspectors for the American Tree Farm System and can re-certify current participants or assist landowners who wish to get involved in the program.

Gas & Oil Development:

Prior to the drilling of wells and laying transmission pipelines, right-of-ways and location sites need to be established and cleared. We can assist in appraising and the marking of timber for removal from the impacted areas. This service is especially beneficial to oil and gas developers.

Other Services:

Timber stand improvement (TSI)
Oil/Gas right-of-ways
Forest Stewardship Plans
Disease and pest inspections
Forest mapping
Wildlife habitat improvement
Aerial Reconnaissance
Herbicide Application
Other miscellaneous forestry-related projects
USDA Cap 106 Forest Management Plans



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